Sunday, 1 January 2012

HapPy nEW Year :D

happy new year people...
i know it's kinda late...(x la lewat sngat ,,19 jam lps ja)

tahun baru ni mesti bnyak rintangan, pahit manis,, n of course MAIN!!
this year also i've become a SPM CANDIDATE..(OMG!!! "@_@)
*taun dpn tp dh blajr untuk SPM..whatever :P*

dh besar dh..
x leh jd bdak2 dh..
but i'm still a student and aq x lps wayang 18 tahun..
so x la tua sngat kn hahaa

k la ..
got 2 go.. yosh people..
n i wish u'all a happy new year.. :D

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