Friday, 23 December 2011

rEsuLt PmR 2011 ENdeD uP hApPy EnDinG.. :)

yosh people, :D
check out what's up there ... 
what's up there?? :P

2 la keputusan PMR aq..haha
x sangka bleh dpt straight A dlm PMR...
aq blajar rilek sngat..
blajar pon last minute..(3 hari sblum periksa)

huh bangga gila family aq..
seronok jgak bleh bg family bngga..
'those tears that my mother spilt off her eyes..
that the moment my heart fell calm..'-FAIZ

ape pn congrats kepada sume yg cemerlang..
kepada kwn2 yg x dpt straight A..jgn risau..
we're still friends..
SPM ad

that's all 4 today..
wish i could get what my mother promise me..
but that's not important..
what's important is that i can make my parents proud of me ever.. :)
see ya around :))

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