Saturday, 22 December 2012

fRienD n spEciAL friEnd..

yosh people..

today i'll tell u about the different..
the different that not everyone know about it..

it's between friend n special friend.
yeah like boy or girlfriend..
they just don't know what it's like..

i mean they're 2 very different things..
u didn't know why i wanted 2 be ur boyfriend..
u were wondering why??

because friend didn't always care..LIKE I DID..
because friend doesn't always around when u needed help..LIKE I DID..
because friend can't give u love..LIKE I DID..
because friend sometimes lied.. NOT LIKE I DO..
because friend just like another person in ur life..
someday u'll forget 'bout me..

u know what..
i want 2 be someone special..
someone who u can remember all time..
someone who always back u up..
someone that can give u more than a friend did..

but the last obstacle is..
your heart..
u didn't open it 4 me..
u didn't gave me a chance
even 1 chance..
how can i prove that..

u know what..
i want 2 be more than boyfriend
i'll be loyal..
cause i never had a girl before..
i didn't know how 2 lie..(even if i know, i wouldn't do that..)

even u can't give me ur heart..
at least please...
give me a chance..
i'm dying waiting 4 the chance..
like 3 years almost..

give me a chance..

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