Sunday, 16 September 2012

tRyINg 2 GEt baCk uP agAiN.. (T_T)

yosh people...

on the 16 september 2012..
she made confession..
and as expected..

she don't accept me once again..

so what I've 2 do now..
i'm getting incoherent..
sometime i felt sad n sometime happy..
actually i'm feeling sad and disappointed ..

i just put a fake smile on my face..
u wish i can find other girl which better than u..
just hope 4 that..
i'll find no one..

i felt innocence if i let u go..
listen here..
i'll wait 4 u even though u're getting married..
u have family..

i'll be sitting here hoping and praying..
i don't know.
people will call me idiot or whatever..
but i don't care..
i can't fool my feeling 2 u..

are there guy like me in this world which is so loyal..??
i can control my sadness..
but i can't control my feeling 4 u..

i know i'm not perfect and u will disgust me now ..
it's ok..
u should..
i'm loser..

that all..
love came from god n it's disappointing..
cause ur love is not 4 me..

thanks 4 everything..
i just can't let u go right now..
or never.. 

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